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Comparison of Dental Implants with Dentures

If you happen to have a dental gap or an accident has made you lose few of the teeth, dentist suggests that you get it filled with a dental implant or dentures rather than focusing on teeth whitening techniques. The main purpose of filing the gap has to with making it easy for you to chew the food in the best manner and it plays an important role in making your smile look good as well. However, if you are confused or struggling to get one of the dental filling options, the below-mentioned information can help you to make up the mind. For instance, both dental implants and dentures have distinct functions; however, merits of one over another can differ in different cases.

If you are interested in brief explanations about the dental implants and dentures, one can say that implants are mostly made of two materials: zirconium and titanium and the implant is merged with the jaw bone to make a firm foundation for the root of the teeth. After this, dentist covers it with a crown or bridge, which gives a look of a natural tooth.

On the other hand, dentures are mostly a removable option that can appear like a gum or teeth and it serves as the substitute of a tooth in form of supporting the tissue in your mouth. If you need a set of replacements, sets of dentures are available; otherwise, one of the teeth can also be replaced with it. If a part of teeth is missing, it is filled with partial dentures in addition to the natural teeth in your mouth.

Dental Implants
Even though the options of dental implant and dentures are recommended by the dentist, however, some of the experts are of the view that dental implants are better than the latter option (dentures).

All the advocates of dental implants believe that it can offer the patients a permanent solution, as the infusion of the implant with Jawbone makes it function as the natural tooth. Similarly, the weak material of the dentures can break the structure in addition to the temporary solution it provides in form of removable option. Moreover, if the option of dentures has been chosen by you before, you may know that it will need the maintenance after five years or so. However, dental implants are less demanding and most of the patients feel happy about their choice.

While the main function of both of your options is to act as the natural tooth, but dentures can make it hard for you to speak, which may affect your routine or work performance. And the supporters of dental implants are of the view that, chewing and other functions of the teeth are facilitated due to the adjustment of the implant like permanent teeth, thereby speech of a person is not disturbed by it.

Hygiene Issues
Brushing or flossing gets easy if you have dental implants, but dentures are removed first to clean the mouth. Therefore, some of the patients find it uncomfortable and time-consuming process. Similarly, if the patient is not careful, you are not able to clean the teeth in the right fashion. In simple words, the dental implants are less demanding and it can make it easy for you to maintain the hygiene of the mouth.

Preventing Dental Problems
It has been reported by patients that dentures can increase the chances of gum erosion, as they become flabby after some time. Similarly, the jaw bone is almost exposed and no safeguard can protect the bone from infections. In extreme cases, the jawbone of the people can wrap or change the shape. This is why the facial appearance of people can also change with it.  On the other hand, as the dental implants are placed in a safe manner, it acts as the barrier between your jawbone and gums. Therefore, the cosmetic appearance of your face seems better in addition to giving you a safety mechanism.

As it has been mentioned before that dental implants are more like the natural teeth, people feel comfortable as opposed to dentures. The problem with the latter option is that it can become a cause of tension in the mouth or lead to soreness of the gums. Hence, people rate dental implants better in comfort.

Attractive Smile
Most of the users of the dentures think that it can give an artificial look as compared to the dental implants. The difference is linked with the blending of the implant with natural teeth, while dentures seem distinct or not fitted well to some of the dentists. In other words, the dental implants can help to enhance the beauty of your smile and you can be confident about things.

This has got to do with the dentist you go to, however, if the dentist is good, he/she can guarantee that you may not need to invest money in the maintenance of the dental implants. But if one expects the same result with dentures, you may be surprised to know how much it can cost you to maintain the hygiene and overall material of the structure.  For instance, if the material of the denture starts to erode or gets damaged, you will have to go the dentist again and if you are thinking of trying the DIY options, you may end up spending more in terms of increasing the impact of the soreness or problem. This is why it is best to spend money once on the dental implants rather than going for a shorter or easy option. The main purpose is to make it a feasible and worthwhile experience for you in the long-term.

To conclude, there are many options to replace the damaged teeth or fill the void left in the mouth if you lose one of the teeth. However, dental implant and dentures are two of the important ones. So, if you consider the above-mentioned merits of implants, you will be pleased to know that dental implant is the best option for you.

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