Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Hygienist Martina Crisma, Up Close & Personal

What is so exciting being in a dental hygienist?
Every profession has its traits to be admired. We cannot degrade any profession because everyone studies and have thought about a particular profession since childhood. May be you fancy any of your relative or some elderly person and hence you start giving a certain profession a thought.
While talking about all the professions lets discuss the profession that has a vital role on our oral hygiene that is dentistry. This profession really needs compassion, patience and positivity. People come from different backgrounds, they have different thresholds. Some people need extra ordinary care and some feels too much pain, so the dentist needs to be very patient.

Dentistry with Children
Most of the parents are always reluctant to take their kids to the dentist just because they will cry a lot and make a lot of mess. Children are small and scary especially when they come to the doctor. The heavy equipment and the dental chair, it is hard for a person to sit and get a treatment. It looks tough for the child as well. The dentists are the people who have taught patience and compassion both. So they deal with the kids in a very nice way.
What is so exciting about the oral hygiene?
Dentists are the people who are always smiling. A person who is a specialist he needs to focus on its own care, to make an impact on his patients. Dentistry is all about impact on patient’s personality and altering the patient’s habits. If a dentist is influential, definitely the patient will get inspire and try to do exactly the way the doctor is saying. The exciting part of this job is you will see an abrupt in a patient’s life because of you.

There are 3 basic dental solutions the dentist use to give to the patients for better oral hygiene.
If you feel like going to dentist to have a dental treatment, you might get scaling treatment that is cleaning of teeth, teeth whitening treatment and the fluoride treatment. They are all great dental solutions for the damaged teeth.
The problem with bleeding gums have not been taken seriously
Some patients think that bleeding gums have no importance and it’s something usual. Bleeding gums are caused by many influences, may be you have changed the tooth paste, may be you have changed the new tooth brush or maybe you have flossed too hard.
But continuous bleeding from gums can be dangerous and should not take it causally. It could indicate that you might have gingivitis. The gum disease gingivitis is not normal it can take a lethal shape and eventually can be a cause of tooth loss. Whenever you have bleeding gums you need to visit the doctor.

Common mistakes done by people while brushing and flossing the teeth
Sometimes people think brushing hard and flossing deeply will clean the teeth nicely and they forget that the gums and over all oral cavity is very sensitive. Correct technique, brushing in a circular way cleanses the teeth appropriately. Flossing deeply doesn’t digs out plaque or tarter, you need to be gentle on your gums. If you floss hard you might get a bruise on your gum and might not be able to do brushing for a long time.

Some people do not floss because they are scared, that may be they can damage the gums. The dentists will provide the demos for the non flossers to do in apt way. So the non flossers should not damage the gums after having a demo.

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